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What Others Think

As a Dutch National Team Scout I have seen lots of programs and applications to analyze individual players. iScouting is an interesting platform that started as a basic scouting app, always keen to develop new features. What I really like are the customizable options. Typically a feature appreciated by scouts all over the world. The same applies for the Comparison Matrix that allows me to compare players based on my own input over the years. iScouting has a good price/quality ratio. I look forward to their next developments.
Edward Metgod , National Team Scout Holland
As a Scouting Director and Analyst with experience working for 3 MLS clubs, utilizing Scouting tools such as Scout7, Wyscout, ProZone, Opta, etc I have never seen a platform with a more practical and scout oriented user interface. This is a scouting tool designed by a scout for scouts taking into account the possibilities available from technology AND maintaining awareness of the scout’s role to support and provide information to the Technical Staff. This software will make an individual scout and an entire scout staff more relevant because it places the information in a real time setting with greater accessibility than its competition who are working on a very elementary level in comparison.

Matt Martin , Director of Domestic Scouting FC Portland Timbers
Terrific name, iScouting! This platform saves time and is extremely easy to use. I really like the way they made the features look with a beautiful display of organized data for accurate assessment of players. To all scouts of any level, this app is a must have. You’ll absolutely love it, I sure did, and I believe that it takes a lot of experience in scouting to be able to make an app so efficient and effective! Such an app as this will take the sport of football to the next level, and more talent will be brought to the game that we love dearly.

Gretar Steinsson , Technical Director FC Fleetwood Town
Great platform for real scouts! Scouts that want to analyze an individual player in depth themselves rather than using pre-made reports. The platform does all the calculations that are necessary to produce great averages and comparisons.
Luis Nascimento, Youth Coach SL Benfica
As a player representative and scout I was looking to have a platform to store and have a quick overview of current clients. In addition, when new potential clients want to sign up with our agency I analyze them in depth over six current matches and based on their averages I decide what my next action will be.
iScouting is relatively cheap, has an amazing design and functionality.
Fernando Mendes , Portuguese Scout/Player Intermediary
First time I am leaving a review, but this app deserves it… It is a perfect app for football / soccer scouts. You have everything you need on your player in the profile. Save all the information you need, and game stats etc. I have tried many apps about scouting that would have allowed me to have a profile app of my players but none of them worked. This one had it all. Thanks!

Kazim Sengonul, National Team Scout Turkey
This is a very easy to use and affordable application. I have our players with all necessary info always at hand (during a game, on the plane etc). With the new feature called Comparison Matrix I can compare players’ performances and make the right choice. I can easily share my player reports with the coach and the sport director. The iCloud saving option keeps my reports safe. I can recommend this app!

Eugene Nedelkin, Scout Lokomotiv Moscow/Dinamo Moscow
Any other intermediates/scouts out there looking to analyze new potential clients, you need to get this app! Who would have thought to come up with such a brilliant idea?! I’ve used many scouting services out there but they don’t compare to what this app can do with no monthly expenses attached. It’s like all the scouting services out there are mixed into this app with its own original twist. I am able to do a lot of analyses on potential clients and see if their skills fit the team a lot easier than before. I recommend it!

Davor Lazic, Intermediary/Lawyer
The app looks great, and does all the calculations for you in an instant! As a scout, I am always on the go, and with this app, it allows me to have the necessary data and information I need on the go. After using many other scouting services out there I can confirm that this app is like no other. It’s a game changer for the sport and the way scouts will assess players. If you’re looking for the next talent and want to use your own judgment in depth, you got to get this platform.
Nuno Ventura, Scout/Author Observar Para Ganhar
iScouting is a visionary system which translates athlete-performance theory into an effective data-management software, ideal for those working as Scouts, Agents, or Coaches. The organizational thoroughness of iScouting reveals both the strong passion and the technical knowledge with which the system has been designed. Art and Science combine in this system, recognizing the multi-dimensional nature of an athlete’s profile and raising the level of professionalism with which athletes ought to be assessed.
Mario Marquez, Instructor SMWW Soccer Management & Scouting, Scout NSR Houston Area Soccer